Salmon Holdings, LLC. Real Estate Consulting
About Salmon Holdings, LLC.

Ranging in size and location, our clients are familiar with our ability to provide support services to senior management transparently within a firm’s existing operation.

Salmon Holdings, LLC provides a unique ability to infiltrate a corporation’s inter-departmental barriers by using a systematic and team approach to provide a wide variety of real estate consulting services.

Today, senior healthcare executives are challenged by corporate real estate’s urgent nature, changing platforms, and variable markets. These challenges make the collaboration between the operations and the real estate departments an important priority.

Salmon Holdings, LLC was formed in 2005 and is the life goal of principal, Lorraine Salmon. Using more than twenty years of knowledge and experience in the real estate fields of construction, property management, and development, Ms. Salmon established a company with varied proficiencies in healthcare and corporate real estate administration. Today, the consulting firm's carefully selected team provides time sensitive services to meet the often urgent needs of its corporate clients. 

Lorraine Salmon

Lorraine Salmon formed Salmon Holdings in 2005. She was inspired to develop a woman-owned-and-operated consulting firm providing established professionals with an opportunity to provide valued services to healthcare clients while nurturing healthcare consulting and real estate opportunities for gifted, emerging consultants. Read more...

Our goals are determined by the client’s needs, mission and budget. We strive to discover and deliver procedural improvements, regulatory findings, and revenue enhancements during the course of our work, such that the cost of our work is substantially funded by our findings and recommendations.

Historically, our clients have seen substantial improvements in their operational, accounting, and development abilities and have awarded us multiple contracts for varying services during the tenure of our performance.